It all started with a dream to do something bigger.

Party4apurpose was launched in 2015 in a 1 bedroom apartment in Surrey, BC. David and Bryan had an idea to host a party and charge their friends $20 at the door where all proceeds would go to charity: water. Since our first event in June, we have recruited an awesome team of volunteers and have hosted 3 events to raise enough funds to build water wells in Nepal and India.


We want to use our resources and influence to meet people’s most basic need: clean water
— David Moerman & Bryan Wolgram, Chief Water Givers


  • Hosted 3 water parties raising over $16,000 for water projects in Nepal and India
  • Partnered with charity: water to continue to build and host more parties
  • Connected with local businesses to sponsor our water parties
  • Connected over 650 donors to build 2 water projects